Yessia Muse

Embodied Divinity

As a muse, it is my personal dedication to hold the frequency of inspiration in my field and body temple, so that Source (or Muse with a capitol M) may be fully expressed through me, activating inspiration in all things and all beings.


I’m passionate about Embodied Wellness, the idea that true wellness stems from a balance of the three main bodies – Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual. And that true embodiment comes from a place of the full expression and integration of all bodies.

Embodiment practices that make up my offerings include Tantric Dance, Somatic Experiencing Therapy, Spiritual Coaching, breathwork, energy work and ceremony facilitation. The current evolution of my inspired path is that of a medicine woman specializing in non-hallucenogenic medicines, primarily Kambo frog medicine.

Gabriel and I have partnered in developing Compass Rose Traveling Temple, a rotating team of healers and ceremony facilitators that tours a mutual support network each year. We are now further developing into a local collective of healing collaborators, called the Sacred Heart Collective. The Sacred Heart Collective is a mutual support group of local healers and facilitators who are dedicated to serving the collective by awakening the sacred heart space in all of us, and activating inspired living. It’s an honor to hold this piece in the collective Matrix.