Exploring with Vivariums

Vivariums are Awesome!!

Bioactive Vivariums!.png

…and make a great resource for learning. Youth and adults alike can take enjoyment in having a vivarium in their home. Part of a healthier planet means understanding our environment and how it works. It means staying connected to plants and animals and cultivating greater empathy and awareness surrounding the fellow creatures of our planet! 🌎

So what is a vivarium? For a great summary and ideas on how to build one, check out this post I wrote last year on the very first one I ever built! Since then, I have built many vivariums and have learned so much, but I still have so much more to learn and take from these amazing systems.

While I am definitely here to help you troubleshoot the basics of having a naturalistic vivarium, I recommend spending some time exploring Viva Vivariums! For custom builds, Dave will work with you to design the perfect enclosure for your reptile, amphibian or exotic animal.

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