Sustainable Animal Husbandry


While we might think of sustainable animal husbandry in relation to urban fauna, such as chickens, goats, etc., often times sustainable practices are overlooked when dealing with our indoor animals. I hope to get into all of it. These pages serve as a means to inspire your animal care to be as environmentally and ethically sustainable as possible. I also hope your journey in working with animals opens you to the possibility of greater and more profound connection and relationship with the animals in our life

To do this, it means cultivating an awareness and being open to what the animals in our lives have to teach us. It also means keeping food sources clean, buying as local as possible (avoid large chain pet stores, make new friends in your community and barter when possible), and think about where your animals come from and what kind of life they live.

Ultimately, I hope to one day keep my home as closed loop as possible, with fewer purchases, and more emphasis on DIY or bartering with others for what we can’t produce ourselves. I’ll fill these pages with ideas to do this, such as raising my own feeder insects (black soldier flies, dubia roaches, red wrigglers), feeder animals (quail and rabbit for snakes- and ourselves, of course) and recycling greens (grass, weeds, etc.) that can gleefully accepted by certain urban fauna. I’ll also focus on DIY and toxic free solutions to common everyday animal care.

Exploring with Vivariums (Reptiles, Amphibians, etc).

Raising Poultry