What the heck does it mean to be sustainable anyway? Developing a sustainable lifestyle is an on going, ever evolving process. It’s the personal and collective journey of co-creating a sustainable ethic which is inclusive to the people and the land.

Honestly, pursuing sustainability can be hard!  I struggle in my own life in this undertaking because, let’s face it, I’ve had 30 years on this planet saturated in consumerism and I appreciate convenience as much as anybody. It’s hard to know how to change, or what to change for that matter. By exploring this topic through my own projects at home, checking out what organizations, businesses, schools and other community members are doing, and researching what I can, I hope get into what a realistic sustainable lifestyle could look like! I’m excited to share my own experiences with you in trying to implement small and large changes into my own life to make a difference. I might not always do it perfectly, but that’s what this learning process is all about!