Susan B Light

I’ve been doing spiritually guided “light work” and healing for 20 years, am certified as a teacher of several holistic modalities, am an ordained minister, spiritual counselor, Mother daughter, partner, sister, shaman, sage…
I was recently gifted with the ability to channel pure Unconditional Love from Source and the ability to activate innate Divinity. It began while working with a “terminal” client, who is still very much with us and doing remarkably well. I have also been guided to “gather the healers, light workers, and visionaries” in support of each other and in coming together, magnify our positive intent and presence in all we do, and to surround Humanity and Mother Earth in this gorgeous, amplified energy.
I’m excited for the opportunity share this gorgeous energy with you as we focus on what we DO want, and create it with Pure Love in these pivotal times.

Susan offers free, beautifully guided global healing meditations throughout each week. Find more information to be part of these meditations here!