Just Be

It's okay to just be. We often set such high expectations for ourselves and keep such full plates. Give yourself some credit! Being human can be hardcore! I made a commitment to post once a week, but the post I was working on didn't save (dang you, mercury retrograde!). While I don't have the energy … Continue reading Just Be


I used to refer to myself as a mirror breaker (well, okay, I suppose I still do). With shield and sword in hand, I'd confidently walk in and make a raucous, not entirely sure of the consequences that would ensue or what outcomes I was aiming for. As someone who has quite a bit of … Continue reading Mirrors

Words and What They Reveal

The way one speaks often reveals much more about the speaker than we might assume through passive listening. When we listen with whole perception, we can hear passion, excitement, love, awe, integrity, presence, inspiration, hope, personal truth, gratitude and well-being. We can also hear sadness, anger, insecurity, manipulation, distraction, confusion, judgment, jealousy, fear and illness. … Continue reading Words and What They Reveal