Natal Earth Education

…birthing a new generation of healers, earth warriors, visionaries, artists, entrepreneurs and leaders.

As a Wholistic Educator, my purpose on this planet is to help humanity make the transition into a new world. Each of us carries divine blue prints, whereas we can uncover the secrets of our soul path from the particular challenges we’ve been given to work through and transform. Below are some of the educational and coaching opportunities I offer. My skill sets are dynamic and I am always eager to collaborate on different projects in the community. Below are individual educational opportunities I offer. For community events, please check my EVENTS page.

Soul Journeying

IMG_7666I can meet in-person or remotely (phone/face time) to help you determine where you’ve been, where you are and where you’re going, and provide tools and insights as you make the transition into the new dimension. My sessions may include guided journeying, energy readings, energy healing and channeling. Each session varies depending on what we are guided into together.

Our sessions teach you how to ground, align and communicate with your higher self, while identifying blocks and providing you with the tools to dissolve them. As we heal, we come into new gifts of sight and knowing, and I can provide you with information to help you make sense of these gifts and how to use them. When it comes down to it, you’re the healer, but I can provide insights for you as you make the journey into true embodiment and wholeness. $100.00/Session

“How does one strengthen connection between self, soul, and spirit when it is frayed by the demands and expectations of survival?

Soul journeying (also referred to as “soul retrieval”) is an ancient shamanic practice that serves as a tool to heal trauma, release emotional wounds, and allows the seeker to fully restore their bio-geometric life force in order to live in commune with the higher self. It is one technique that can be used to restore alignment between self, soul, and spirit.” -Emily Hajarizadeh

Youth Mentorships

Child flying on a suitcase

Each of us come into this world with unique gifts and skills to develop and share with our community, but often in our current educational system these abilities get swept to the side to make way for more “acceptable” educational programming. Current mainstream education overlooks creative, original critical thinking, and misses out on teaching the basics in empathic based ways of knowing and relating, self-knowledge and healing (ourselves and our planet). Our youth are never too young to begin learning the basic concepts of mindfulness and awareness, healthy communication and whole systems thinking to begin tapping into their gifts as leaders, healers and visionaries for the new world that is emerging. I work and design curriculum specifically for your child to help them understand their thoughts and emotions and teach them how to design healthy and meaningful tool sets for personal regulation, healing and development. Through my work with your child, they will begin or continue to discover the magical, interconnected and exciting world they are capable of helping to maintain, create and build upon.

This curriculum is especially applicable for children who have special “gifts” that you may not fully understand or know how to work with. These are children who see or know unexplainable things, those who are already beginning to heal with their hands or even children who struggle with grounding due to their very sensitive natures. I am very familiar with these gifts and am comfortable helping your child to make sense of their differences and to build confidence, awe and excitement around their special abilities. Children will naturally become more aware of these gifts, whether or not they are already exhibiting these traits. In so, your child may help to awake these things within you as well.

41981619_941526282697593_5999062301594877952_nStudents will take part in a variety of activities to help strengthen their abilities to be present, creative and attuned to what they perceive around them. Meditations, journaling, art, nature walks and activities, cultural events, working with animals, ceremony and more are used to enhance your student’s experience and to help them to integrate and apply their learning.

Ages 6-18. There is a free, 1 hour consultation to determine compatibility prior to beginning regular sessions.

One-on-One, 1x week or bi-weekly. Infer regarding Pricing. Sliding scale.

Scholarships Available.

I received the very best reading from Drake that I have ever had. It shifted me right away and the effects have actually lasted! She was spot on with things that validated my guidance. I am using the tools she gave me and they are helping incredibly. I am dealing with fresh trauma and grief … Continue reading Kristin Lavendar Harju

Kristin Lavendar Harju

Drake with Natal Earth blew me away with the accuracy of the soul reading she provided. I was really impressed with how detailed she was on a level that really expressed her clairvoyance and obviously refined abilities beautifully. She nailed so many aspects of things that I am dealing with spiritually as well as how … Continue reading Erin Kibbee

Erin Kibbee

A novice to soul journeying, I sought the guidance of my good friend and world-bridger, Drake Carnahan. Drake is an experienced mentor and soul coach and offered soul journeying sessions at the most recent Healer’s Retreat in Happy Valley, Oregon. We began with a series of grounding exercises to secure the soul’s present location as … Continue reading Emily Hajarizadeh

Emily Hajarizadeh

Drake Carnahan is a deeply loving intuitive who has an ability to channel in a clear and insightful way. Whether in person or remotely, Drake’s connection with higher knowing has been a great example and opportunity for me to reawaken into my own spirit-knowledge. She has a way of accessing particular messages that are of … Continue reading Amber Tippets

Amber Tippets

Coming to Drake, I was in a very pivotal time of growth and healing; the point where you know you’re internally as well as externally leveling up, yet fogged by confusion and lacking clarity. Sitting with Her, and allowing Her to take me deep into my innerstanding through her soul journey methods, was one of … Continue reading Amanda Marsh

Amanda Marsh

I love working with Drake! Not only is she well versed in her healing modalities, she has an incredible connection with each person she works with! Her charm and heart space open you up to confirmations, new truths about yourself, and the patterns you need to break to free yourself from past traumas. Drake is … Continue reading AJ Ramadan

AJ Ramadan

Drake is an amazing Soul and Energy Healer, as well as fantastic organizer and event coordinator. I first had the chance to work with Drake at a Healers retreat that she hosted and received some major and much needed healing. The soul journey she took me on brought me to places of my mind I … Continue reading Vanzell Kirk III

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