Natural Cleaners

homemade, all natural cleaning solutions.pngHomemade cleaner is easy, cheap, and better for your home and the environment than the majority of what you will purchase from the store. I’m allergic to most things from the store and, along with other people who have such sensitivities, it can really ruin our day! So… stick to natural cleaners and you’ll make someone’s day.

To the left here are two different recipes.

Recipe A (that’s what we’re going to call it, left hand side) is what I would call a holiday blend. I don’t particularly like it outside of December. Fill up as much vinegar as you want (I think this is 2 qts. worth) and add those orange peels you were going to throw out anyway. Add peppermint and cinnamon sticks. That’s it. Let it sit. Turn it over occasionally to shake it up. Wait two weeks, strain and dilute it to your liking with water in a spray bottle.

Similarly, Recipe B (Left hand) is way better. Ol’ reliable. Couple sprigs of rosemary from the garden and lemon peels. That’s it. And it’s heaven. Once ingredients have been added,  follow the instructions from the Recipe A. Super easy.