About Natal Earth


Natal Earth was designed with the understanding that the earth is currently in transition, birthing a new generation of healers, earth warriors, visionaries, artists, entrepreneurs and leaders. We are a collective seeking to make amends to our past, to better understand and care for our natural world, to actively and consciously work to be healthier people, and have more fulfilling relationships, careers, and communities.

Natal Earth is the coalescence of my many passions, a quest towards bridging the natural world with the inner and outer workings of our everyday lives. I work with a variety of new paradigm leaders through retreats, classes and community events to provide opportunities to raise consciousness and promote community healing, as well as work one-on-one with individuals as they emerge into their innate power and purpose.

I hope Natal Earth serves to inspire your personal undertakings and to be a resource. You are more powerful than you realize. There is something in you that no one else can offer to this planet, and I hope what I offer you here helps you to tap into your specific calling, or to align with others who might help you to strengthen your path.

About Drake:


I am a life-long learner, healer, educator and visionary. It has taken me many journeys, lessons and much personal development to remember my purpose on this planet. Through my work with Natal Earth through production and education services I serve as an event planner, retreat organizer, ceremony facilitator, soul coach/energy worker, wholistic educator, channeler, writer, and flow into other positions as I am needed.

I currently have my B.A. in Social Science, with a Minor in Civic Leadership, and am pursuing my M.S. in Leadership for Sustainability Education at Portland State University. I am a certified permaculturalist, master reiki practitioner, ordained minister, trained facilitator, and am always looking for new opportunities to increase my knowledge about myself and the world around me.

Join me as we create a more holistic, innovative and heart-centered world. As I’m always learning, I’ll try and provide helpful information and resources, but I also seek critical feedback, thoughts and ideas to grow and expand my knowledge base. Cheers!

E-mail: natalearth@gmail.com