Invertebrates are a huge part of the naturalistic vivarium, whether they’re the main star,  the little guys who live in your soil, or the creepy crawlies you feed your main inhabitant!

 Springtails, isopods, dubia roaches and fruit flies are some common invertebrates you might come across when building or maintaining a vivarium. Need to buy any of these? Check out Viva Vivariums for great deals!




Vivariums can be made specifically for insects as well! Certain types of Centipedes, Millipedes, Roaches and much more can be kept as pets! Some even keep arachnids (I personally keep jumping spiders, but large tarantulas are kept as well! …I’m not quite there yet!).


Looking for feeders? Horned worms can be spendy, but here is a great spot to grab them (click the picture!)