Hillary and Chris Johnsonare expecting their third child!Herpetology is a branch of Zoology (the study of animals) which focuses on reptiles and amphibians! This is a super fun and rewarding field… And there are many ways to get involved. Keeping your own reptiles and amphibians is a great way to learn about their unique personalities, individualized care and the specific habitats from where they come! If you’re thinking about owning one of these animals, it’s also something to think critically about, as many of them can live a very long time!

Natal Earth provides educational opportunities around the Vancouver, WA and Portland (OR) Metro areas. Whether it be an in-school or after-school program, or a birthday party I am able to work with you to provide an exciting and informative lesson on basic herpetology for your youth (this can be tailored to adults as well!). If your child is interested in owning a reptile and/or amphibian, I can also do one-on-one meet-ups to help your child understand the requirements and responsibility of making the decision to purchase an animal of their own. Please contact me for more information!

There are many reptiles and amphibians in need of homes, both foster and adoption opportunities are available. Please check out the Northwest Herpetology Society to become a member!

IMG_2938Currently, our inhabitants include 1 Red Tailed Boa, 1 Piedbald Ball Python, 1 Leopard Gecko, 2 Crested Geckos, 5 Australian White’s Tree Frogs, 5 Phyllobates vittatus (Golfoducean dart frogs) and 3 Ranitomeya variabilis (Zimmerman’s dart frogs). We also have a couple of jumping spiders!





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