Gabriel Hendricks

My personal mission in life is to bring harmony to the world by helping others to activate the natural resonance of their sacred heart space. I bring awareness of vibrational frequency through sound healing and authentic relating.

I’m passionate about creating sacred objects including tools for meditation, ceremony, and sound healing. The tools I create are intended to remind us to step back into a space of sacred presence. They include rappe’/hapay tools, didjeridus, and sacred geometry. As a skilled carpenter my intention is to move into designing and constructing sacred spaces and conscious dwellings.

I have cultivated a personal dedication to creating a space of harmonious awareness that allows each individual to thrive. I’ve found a container for this dedication through the Compass Rose Traveling Temple this last year. And I’m excited to continue the momentum forward in co-creating the Sacred Heart Collective with Yessia. The Sacred Heart Collective is a practical resource for people who are on a dedicated path of serving the higher good, to come together so we can be more effective with enacting change in this world. It is a collective of conscious humans dedicated to serving humanity by awakening the sacred heart space in all of us.