Black Soldier Flies

IMG_3531Black Soldier Flies (Hermetia illucens) are kind of a must have. The larvae serve as an awesome compost crew, and can be fed to not only my chickens, but also serve to feed some of my reptiles and amphibians! It helps to bring together greater sustainability in my household when I am able to raise my own insects to feed a wide range of animals. They can even be fed to the dogs, or the flies can be baked and turned into flake food for my fish! And hey, if we’re looking to take our sustainability to the next level, maybe one day we’ll even start eating them ourselves (I don’t think we’re quite there yet).

Northwest Redworms is a local source (Camas, WA) for reasonably priced BSF. They do ship, if you are not in the area, but I recommend checking sources such as Craigslist for more local sources (keep it local!).

BSF Farming   Check out this site for some really innovative ideas for keeping BSF. The design ideas for enclosures is especially helpful.