Odds and Ends

Tibetan Neclace
McLoed Ganj, India, 2009
Homestay Gift
Acoustic-Electric Luna Guitar
Dragon Abalone Inlay
***$400.00 starting bid
Chess Set
All wood, stone, metal with drawers. Awesome detail. I’m pretty sure antique roadshow would pay a ton for this, but who knows.
Gifted (manifested!) in 2013
***350.00 starting bid
Selenite Sphere
(Not a total sphere, bottom is flat)
Barter Faire, Idaho, 2008
Current bid! ***$50.00
Lightworker Oracle
***15.00 starting bid
Sacred Rebels Oracle
***15.00 starting bid
Oregon Country Fair 2013
***$35.00 starting bid
Buddha Incense Holder
*$5.00 starting bid
Singing Bowl
India, 2010
Current Bid! ***$35.00
Ganesha Yoga Mat Carrying Bag
India, 2010
***$20 starting bid
Tools for Evolution Necklace
Garnet, Rutilated Quartz, Citrine
2010 10″ Macbook Air
A little slow, but it works!
Flower of life Wood Circle
(Needs to be sanded down a little)
***5.00 starting bid
Assorted Crystals
*10.00 starting bid
Medium Moose Rattle
Handmade by me, 2019
***40.00 starting bid