Ada Goldberg, Trust the Balance

Trust the Balance

A creative mind, a writer and musician with a passion for sharing the vision of universal love through interactive performances and event coordination. With a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from the University of Oregon, I have explored the energy of our mind and influence. A native Oregonian and nature enthusiast, an entrepreneur and humanitarian with big visions. Skilled at inspiring others through trainings, yoga, fundraising, self empowerment, community building, event planning, body movement, vocalizations, and guided meditation. My professional experience includes: program organizing, crisis intervention counseling, yoga, health care, energy work/reiki, contract negotiations, social work, human relations and other alternative healing techniques. I am a strong advocate for at risk populations, creating community alliance and providing access to resources. I speak out to bring awareness to the systemic issues we face today and offer tangible solutions. Topics include homelessness, hunger, human rights, emotional regulation, health care and education. My goal is to unite people together to elicit real change within our communities and world.

Trust The Balance is an organization I have been helping create, a vision really, that has the goal of building a balanced community model. Giving people opportunities to expand their personal visions into reality, contributing towards changing the current paradigm in which we live. Trust The Balance promotes a green, healthy, connected way of being. Providing educational opportunities in community development, personal growth, mindfulness, energy work, team building, leadership development, creative expression, entertainment, and the arts.