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Drop in for 15 and 30 minutes soul journeying and intuitive sessions, Thursdays and Fridays from 3:00pm-6:00pm at Wattle Tree Place.

We are now offering specialized events for all occasions! Check out our Book an Event page, or for upcoming community events, go here. 




Drake is an amazing Soul and Energy Healer, as well as fantastic organizer and event coordinator. I first had the chance to work with Drake at a Healers retreat that she hosted and received some major and much needed healing. The soul journey she took me on brought me to places of my mind I had expanded to before but didn’t know where to go next. Drake has helped me to connect some pivotal dots between my mind, body, and spirit on my journey. I feel more confident as a healer and light worker after our sessions together and highly suggest anyone looking to expand into higher levels of awareness to book a session with Drake or attend one of her many events and retreats.

Vanzell Kirk III

Drake with Natal Earth blew me away with the accuracy of the soul reading she provided. I was really impressed with how detailed she was on a level that really expressed her clairvoyance and obviously refined abilities beautifully. She nailed so many aspects of things that I am dealing with spiritually as well as how they are reflected in my everyday life. This has been an amazing affirmation for me and reminded me of the strength I knew I had when I was feeling defeated and in the midst of a struggle. Drake brought me to tears, she is the embodiment of true compassion, and a divine expression of a powerful yet graceful soul. I highly recommend working with Drake on any of your spiritual endeavors, you will not be disappointed.

Erin Kibbee