Auction and Sale

Welcome to my limited time only, one of a kind, auction/sale! Items are priced at where I am willing to let go of them. If they don’t sell, that’s okay! I like my stuff, but I’m trying to get comfortable with the idea of letting some of it go too. If you want to see if I’ll let something go for less, you can check, but keep in mind these sales are to fund my travels, including backpacking el Camino de Santiago for a month, and time dedicated to writing a book.

These sales are also the inspiration behind a creative project I’m working on, whereas the stories I write about some of these items may end up in the final version of my book, along with brief explanations of who the items went to and how I know them (in theory, that’s what I’m shooting for). Please consider helping me to fund my dreams!

Auction starts ASAP and ends at 11:59pm on Saturday, September 14th, 2019. Current bids will be updated to the site as I receive them. Items are for pick up, possible drop off, in PDX area only.

As you look through the below links, you will see three different types of options.

*** : Some items will have *** before the number to represent that it is being auctioned. Place a bid directly through me via e-mail, social media accounts or text. Recipients of these item will also receive a story that goes along with the item, discussing where I was when I got the item, from who and what I was personally going through at the time.

*: Items with a * before the number are for auction, but I won’t be writing a story that goes along with it.

Items without an *: Price as is. Buy it on the spot!

Here we go!

Click on the links below to explore what I’m auctioning off and selling.